Dear Families,

The extreme Left in our country have gone on an all-out assault against our children. From conception to adulthood, they have broken our family down. They have established fake organizations like Planned Parenthood, whose purpose is so very different from its alluded name. They have passed laws that allow a baby to be aborted right up until the moment of birth, and even shortly AFTER it is born. They have masked our little kids ever since the Covid pandemic started and many of them continue to do so, despite no science that justifies this. They have crammed "Critical Race Theory" (CRT) into our schools at the outrage of so many parents. They have indoctrinated our innocent children to hate the white race, turn one ethnic group against another, and instill resentment against the country they are so fortunate to live in. They teach our kids sexuality from kindergarten, and make them question their gender identity. They put pornographic books into school libraries, making them accessible to kids as young as 8 years of age. They actively promote sex change operations to teens without their parents' knowledge or consent! They allow boys to walk into girls' bathrooms and locker rooms, and even compete against them in sports, to accommodate transgenderism. They push Drag Queen shows and pronouns of non-binaries and queers, and it's all by design! Even just 20 years ago, no one could have imagined in his most horrifying dreams that we would be where we are today, but here we are.

One of our core missions here at Patriot Parents, is to dismantle all of this insanity and get back to normal: Mom, dad, son, daughter, boy, girl, family! That is the main pillar of our American society, and we MUST return to it.


The irony and the disgust! Teaching 5 year-olds about non-binaries.

A "non-binary teacher" indoctrinates kindergarten kids while holding a doll, saying they can be a boy, a girl, or neither. He/she claims “it's just a kid!" How ironic, that these ARE just little kids, who are being brainwashed, by these nasty perversions!