School Choice!

No matter where we came from and what our background is, we can all agree that proper education is key to successful living. Most of us want to go to college or university because this is the norm. But over the years, public education institutions have turned themselves into indoctrination camps. A Bachelor's Degree today costs a fortune, and students are required to take "basic courses" that are completely unrelated to the degree they pursue, like in history or ethnic studies, where they are taught how bad and evil America is, all while the exact opposite is true! The only way to stop this monopoly and takeover is to counter it with alternative choices of education at all levels.

Therefore, Patriot Parents will:

✔ Strongly advocate for school choice: Charter Schools, Private Schools, Vocational Schools, or Homeschooling.

✔ Fight School indoctrination, CRT and Sexual Grooming wherever they are found.

✔ Encourage Parents to carefully scrutinize the educational institutions they send their children to. 



Imagine our public schools, free of race, gender, color, ethnic identity, where the only things that count are your character and academic achievements. Watch Dennis Prager torching the public school system with his ideas of how to fix it. We couldn't agree more!

From Maria Bartiromo's "Sunday Futures" Program, 03/14/2021

Candace Owens:
"I truly believe it is time to pull our kids out of public schools."

More reasons why we need school choice:

Elementary school students allegedly traumatized from reenacting scenes from the Holocaust


This is absolutely horrifying! WHY on Earth would a teacher at Watkins Elementary School in Washington DC, force Third graders to enact scenes of the Holocaust, including digging ditches for bodies, simulating shootings and performing as Hitler?! The alleged lesson was about "portraying different perspectives of the Holocaust." WHAT Different perspectives? Like what Hitler had in mind?! If this example doesn't send a chill down your spine as to the kind of education public schools try to push to your innocent children, nothing else will. We are bringing you this story so that you realize that public education has sunk to new lows, and the sooner you get your children out of this system, the better their future will be!

Oregon governor signs bill suspending math, reading requirements for High School grads


Everyone agrees that reading and math are the two most fundamental subjects that will help young students in their higher education and career success. And yet, governor Kate Brown of Oregon, signs a bill that cans these very subjects as a requirement to graduate High-school in her state. What does that tell you about the direction of public schools in Oregon? Why would anyone craft such a bill? How would students in Oregon be prepared for life if they are not required to show basic proficiency in reading and math? We are calling all parents in Oregon to find alternative school choices for your children. On the political front (and make no mistake, this is THE "woke" political agenda!) Oregonians need elect people with common sense for office, from school boards and all the way up to governorship.

California's Education Department claims Math has a lot of Racism White Supremacy in it.


The California education department is considering implementing a statewide math framework called “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction.” It is all detailed at, funded by Bill Gates If learning Math is now a form of racism and white supremacy, then everything else must be as well! Our recommendation: Californian Parents should take their kids out of the public school system ASAP if they want them to learn Math, rather than poisoning them with being "Anti Racist" Activists.

Education in America - How did we get here?

It is finally becoming clear that our children are in danger. The riots, destruction, hatred, confusion, and violence are a direct result of the anti-American ideas being aggressively taught in our own public schools.

A case for Homeschooling

Like so many parents, we chose to put our children in private schools. We felt strongly about keeping them out of the public schools that I had witnessed first-hand as being sub-standard in their teaching at best, and over-stepping their boundaries, by crossing over into the realm of parenting. Now, more than ever, we at Patriot Parents are big fans of taking our children out of the indoctrination factories that we call public schools, and bringing them home to teach

School Choice Now!

Feelings Before Facts?

The Poison Of Indoctrination

Rebellious children - a direct result of a far left indoctrinated society.

Below you can find examples of children who turned against their own parents and took them all the way to court with brazen disrespect and ungratefulness. Notice that none of these stories happened because their parents were mean or abusive to them. On the contrary - they were raised in the most upscale homes and lived lavish lives as children. Ask yourself: Why is this happening to our society? What did these parents do or not do to deserve it? Is it just bad luck? We don't think so. Our children are facing dangerous pitfalls by an indoctrinated deteriorating society, from school to college and onto apps and games they play, places of work and wherever fame and recognition shine. We as parents need to be on guard and watch them very close. And even if something still turns bad - stand up firmly for what's right. This is one of the primary reason of why we are here!
Has your child gone the wrong way? Do you have a story to share? If so please, write us here. We are looking to build up our community with parents just like you and will never share or sell your private information to anyone!

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