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Conservative Cowardice

We have all identified the actions of those we call RINOS, because they are very clear for us to see. The way they vote is one big clue, because when we witness those who proclaim to be acting on the wishes of the American people, but then don't, it becomes very obvious! Look also at how they handle pandemics and catastrophes, or rather don’t…think COVID. They acquiesce to the bad guys rather than speak up. Too many are in lock step with those who have brought these horrible events about. Unfortunately this is because there are too many who are bought and paid for…That's just the sad but honest truth of it!

Season of the Snake

Ever hear President Trump recite the parable of the snake? We have all heard it before, but he does this for a reason. He has learned the hard way, that there are all too many venomous snakes out there, and most of them are in our own government! Many of these people are in the positions they are, not by chance, but by design! These snakes have no scruples, so they will even turn on their own. Look at Chuck Schumer...a “Jew” who speaks against Israel! With friends like him, who needs enemies?

Feckless and Reckless

Right now, America is at war, all because of a stolen election and a Feckless idiot who was installed in the White House. He has been nothing but Reckless with our money, our sovereignty and our standing in the world. Now we are not talking about the front puppet in the White House of course, but the one who is REALLY pulling the strings...None other than Barack Hussein Obama...For he is the true Evil Actor behind the scenes.


How radical Leftist policies gave rise to antisemitism in levels we haven't seen in a long time!


The War on Children

Features whistleblowers, leftists caught on camera, survivors of child mutilation, trafficking victims, corporate executives exposing the plan to sexualize children, the creator of Libs of TikTok, Senator Rand Paul, Riley Gaines, Drag Performer, Sex Ed Instructor, and many more.

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Steve Garvey

Running for U.S. Senate to represent CALIFORNIA! A true wind of change!

Election Fraud is Real!

We will NEVER FORGET that either. Click the image to visit our Election Fraud page.

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"When Donald Trump was President..."

Ben Shapiro who was against Trump in 2016 has made a huge 180 turn, as he now too realizes that President Trump is the only one who can save our country from going down in history like past empires.

His arguments, as usual, are ROCK SOLID! Watch!

Biden's State of the Union 2024

Not America's.

Lara Logan: We're being lied to on an epic scale!

We couldn't agree more!

Patriot Parents strongly and unequivocally support the state of Israel, our best ally in the world, in their WAR against the brutal, barbaric terror organizations of Hamas in Gaza and Hizballah in Lebanon. We pray to God for the well being of their heroes and send heartfelt condolences to those who lost their murdered loved ones. We wish Israel a sweeping VICTORY!



In The New MAGA Deal, by Dr. Peter Navarro, readers are invited to explore the future policies and bold initiatives of President Donald J. Trump as he charts a course for a second term in the White House. With a keen focus on revitalizing American greatness, this unofficial guidebook is curated from some of the leading policy voices that could have an influence on President Donald Trump's second term. A very special message from President Donald J. Trump:
"Peter did his job well, he did it faithfully, and he loved our Country. His Book should be studied, and what he says should be highly respected. Peter Navarro is a Patriot who has been treated very badly, but he continues forward. In the end, there will be Victory!" Dr. Navarro was an economic and trade advisor for President Donald J. Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and joined the White House staff on Inauguration Day. Dr. Navarro was instrumental in helping to implement President Donald Trump’s tariff policies to defend American steel and aluminum industries, combating Communist Chinese economic aggression, and renegotiating trade deals that put America last. For his refusal to testify against President Donald J. Trump at the January 6 witch-hunt committee, Dr. Navarro was sentenced to four months in federal prison. His loyalty to making America Great Again never wavered.

Patriot Parents are strong supporters of our Police Officers!

They deserve our gratitude, now more than ever!