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Happy Rosh Hashanah and High Holiday Season to all of our Patriotic Jewish mates! 

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Rule of Law vs Laws of Rulers


Too many politicians are compromised and have sold their souls for money, power and prestige. There's a vast difference between them and true leaders. America has to get back to the country we were meant to be: One Nation Under God!


Tolerating Two-Tiered Justice

Where did "Justice for all" go?

Dying to be an American

Many people want to change their lives for the better and come to America. Meanwhile, our next generation is being groomed to hate our country in ways that would never be tolerated anywhere else.

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By Greg Kelly

In his book debut, Newsmax TV host and former Fox News journalist Greg Kelly delivers a stirring defense of American law enforcement and a warning about what happens when they are defunded and derided. As the son of celebrated NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly and a former lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve, Greg Kelly has had a firsthand look at the critical importance of law enforcement in America. From police to border control and beyond, these men and women provide a fundamental service for their country. In a nation divided, progressives want to abolish the very organizations that keep us safe. Kelly expertly reveals their indispensability. Both a celebration and a call to action, Justice for All is perfect for fans of Mark Levin, Greg Gutfield, and Sean Hannity. Over recent years, Kelly has followed the mounting attack on law enforcement in his reporting, and heโ€™s felt its effects in his own life and family. Now, he stands up to the crowds calling to defund the police and offers a galvanizing voice for police officers, veterans, and all agents of law and order and their families. Justice For All delivers a passionate defense of service, and an impossible to ignore examination of how critical law enforcement is for Americaโ€™s survival, and how foolish it is to defund it.

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Make no mistake, parents! This is a DIRECT result of the public education system and the radical left culture, that justifies crime as the result of victimhood, extreme D.A.'s releasing criminals back into the streets, and the ordering of police to not arrest them in the first place! Businesses are being looted in broad daylight, violence among indoctrinated teens is at all time high, and right now, there's no end in sight because the politicians in charge DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICANS ANYMORE.

Critical Race Theory is nothing short of an evil plan, by a tyrannical, anti-American, leftist goverment, to divide and conquer we the People! Watch this video with your family and learn all about this plan. We must all come together and kill it, fast! The good news is that WE ARE WINNING! The bad news is that they will not let go of this until they are thrown out of power. Parents: Keep up the fight! In schoolboards, and wherever else you see it! These are OUR children, and we're gonna raise them to love our country and our constitution, to believe that they can achieve anything if they are willing to work hard for it, and to judge others by the content of their character!

Patriot Parents are strong supporters of our Police Officers!

They deserve our gratitude, now more than ever!