A healthy body brings about a healthy mind. It's important that you take care of both. Health and fitness are not a fad but a priority that must be practiced daily. It's difficult to have a clear mind without having a healthy body. Unfortunately in America, this has not been prioritized. We have embraced a sedentary lifestyle and fast foods. While there are countless fads on television and in books of diets and fitness devices for quick fixes, health is a lifestyle that must be woven into our daily routine. The Europeans understand this...At least they did, until they became “Americanized.”

America has made it so easy to be lazy. Both physically and in our food choices. This is not progress, but rather a breeding ground to a lifestyle that ends in medications and early death. Most of all, it is true what they say: “Healthy body, healthy mind.” There is a connection between our minds and bodies that cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, people find it hard to prioritize what is important vs what is fun. With all the information at our fingertips, you would think that we would understand this, but still we don't. Because America is prosperous, we have become lacking in discipline. This needs to change.

While we all find excuses to sluff off our health and fitness, there has never been a better time to embrace both. It is never too late to start. You owe it to your children and your spouse but mostly to yourself! You are worth the good choices. Try it from this day forward. Get motivated! Find an accountability partner or write out a workout schedule. If you can find time to shop, see a movie or go out to eat, surely, you can carve out an hour, three days a week to tend to your health. Try it! Like a very famous man said back in 2016...What have you got to lose? You can do it!