Organizations that can help you fight the radical left and protect YOUR freedoms:

Thomas More Society
Fighting and Winning for We-The-People, every day!

Fearlessly tackle the cases others cannot—or will not—take on. When your fundamental rights and freedoms are at risk, we’re prepared to join forces with you to achieve significant victories through determined litigation and advocacy.

Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights?

The People's Rights Network is currently more than 65,000 strong. Hundreds of people join each week, they are uniting to assist each other in securing their rights. The People's Rights Network covers every State of the Union, & Canada and is effectively bringing like-minded neighbors together.

The Precinct Strategy

The Precinct Strategy, as explained by its founder, Dan Schultz, Esq,  is a great way to restore our Republic by transforming our Party from currently at less than half-strength at the precinct level into a full-strength Get Out The Vote powerhouse, as it should be!

America First Legal

Woke companies and other radical left institutions are now hiring employees not based on skills or content of character, but by the color of their skin! Exactly the opposite of What Martin Luther king Jr. had in his famous dream!

Stephen Miller, former senior advisor for policy and White House director for President Trump, is willing to help YOU, the American citizen, whose anti-discriminatory rights are being violated by such companies, to fight back and sue them for their unlawful, unconstitutional act. If you have been a victim of such discrimination, click the link above to get in touch with the America First Legal Hotline and fight back against the Anti American culture - for FREE!

The McBride Law Firm

Defense Law Firm

Located in Brooklyn, New York, this law firm is owned by true American patriots, and is ready to fight for our rights! From Freedom-of-Information-Act litigations to wrongful convictions. The reason we bring them up here is that they are actively fighting for the J6'ers who are nothing short of political prisoners! It is clearly obvious that the evil government in Washington DC is not interested in treating them with equal justice under the law, but plainly destroy their lives forever. The McBride Law Firm has established a J6 legal fund where we can chip some money in to help them fight OUR FIGHT!

First Liberty

America’s Best Lawyers Defending Religious Freedom

First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious liberty for all Americans. We believe that every American of any faith—or no faith at all—has a fundamental right to follow their conscience and live according to their beliefs. Our nation’s Founding Fathers established this right as our First Freedom nearly two and a half centuries ago, and we intend to keep it that way.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Defending our freedom with Legal Action

Alliance Defending Freedom is the world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. They defend your most cherished liberties in Congress, state legislatures, and courtrooms across the country—all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. If you feel your freedoms and rights are being violated - they are here to help!

Public Interest Legal Foundation

Protecting your vote and delivering results for election integrity!

The Public Interest Legal Foundation is a law firm dedicated to election integrity. The Foundation exists to assist states and others to aid the cause of election integrity and fight against lawlessness in American elections. Drawing on numerous experts in the field, PILF protects the right to vote and preserves the Constitutional framework of American elections through litigation, investigation, research, and education. PILF has been the driving force in aggressively litigating for election integrity, both before and after the 2020 election. PILF has successfully raised awareness nationwide of the threat of voter fraud and poor election administration. PILF has revolutionized election litigation by first building a jurisprudence using federal election laws, and then deploying and weaponizing data to thwart attempts to corrupt our election process.