The Traditional Family has been one of the main pillars of American Culture since our founding. One man and one woman, coming together in a sacred bond called marriage, and then bringing children into the world, through that union, officially making a family.

Unfortunately our society has been deteriorating in recent decades, and dragging our families with it. We have now replaced Mom & Dad with "parent 1" and "parent 2" in order not to offend certain minority groups. Moreover, we are being pushed by today's mainstream media, politicians and powerful elites, to give extra attention and sensitivity to these groups, while also accepting the new norms that in essence wipe away the concepts of marriage and family.

Patriot Parents will ALWAYS support and advocate for traditional families living under one roof, and raising children with pride. Our children need a mom and a dad in their lives in order to grow and become successful contributors to our society, and yes, future parents as well. 

Life lessons every father should teach his son

1. No one will love you as much as your mother. No woman, no friend, no organization will ever love you as much as your mother. Her love is unique. It's a blessing you can rely on. But to expect this type of love from anyone else, especially your spouse, will lead to heartbreak.
2. There's no such thing as ‘fair’.Life treats us all differently, and in this way we're all the same. Some are dealt an easy hand. Some face unbelievable difficulty. The only certainty is that fate isn't fair. Don't compare yourself to others. Their life isn't the same.
3. The right woman will propel you to greatness, and the wrong one will lead to ruin. When selecting a mate choose a woman who aligns with your values and supports your goals. If you want the same things out of life, and you walk in lockstep, you'll both be unstoppable.
4. Pornography is evil. Porn is designed to hijack and overstimulate your dopamine reward pathway. This destroys your natural masculine drive to create, reproduce, and conquer. Not to mention it profits off the exploitation of countless women and underaged girls. Very bad news.
5. Your ancestors knew more than you think. Don't dismiss their ideas, customs, and traditions just because they're "old." Tradition is a solution for problems that have been forgotten. Remove tradition, you get the problem back. Honor your ancestors and keep them close in mind.
6. You must control your emotions. Read carefully: do NOT suppress your emotions. CONTROL them. Big difference. Develop the discipline to control the time, manner, audience, and means of their expression. Remember: if you're led by your emotions you can't possibly lead others.
7. Pain is a prerequisite for growth. The strongest men always experience the most pain. That's the reason they're strong. Pain either kills you or makes you stronger. So as long as you stay alive, see pain as an ally.
8. There's always someone smarter than you. There's always someone more talented. There's always someone more blessed by the world. Know and leverage the strengths you have. Know how to befriend those with the strengths you lack.
9. Women are attracted to value. Here's the big secret: women want winners. Simple as that. Who would've thought? Go out and make yourself undeniably great, focus on your mission, and you'll realize there are plenty of good women in the world who want to join you.
10. Physical strength = overall strength. Creating an enviable physique is hard. It requires discipline and years of training. Do it anyway. Life is easier when you're strong. Be strong and the world will treat you differently. It's not fair, it's just reality.
11. People treat you how you treat yourself. Nobody will ever respect you more than you respect yourself. If you present yourself like a slob, if you take no pride in your appearance, physical health, hygiene... If you're a servant to vice... No one will take you seriously.
12. Fix the lightbulb, take out the trash, unclog the toilet, replace your air filters. If little things around the house need to get done, do them. That's your job. Nobody's going to do it for you. Take ownership of your surroundings. That's what a man does.
13. Everything is earned.You're owed nothing and the world will treat you as such. You must believe you're capable, and you must believe you WILL achieve your goals. NEVER rely on others to do the work for you. Remember: if you don't earn it, it isn't really yours.
14. Self-respect is supreme. Without self-respect, nothing else in life is possible. Discipline, integrity, work ethic, your values: they're all made possible through self-respect.
15. Be kind to all. Magnanimity is the real flex. Kindness implies strength. Only a strong man can afford to be truly kind, because in doing so, he expects nothing in return.
16. Regret will kill you. You'll make mistakes. There will be many times regret rears its head. You'll look back on your past and wince. Instead: see it as a lessons to learn and get better.
17. Find a fraternity. We evolved for brotherhood and friendship among equals. But we've lost our way as a society. Men today are isolated, alone, tribeless. This is the cause of much of their unhappiness. I don't care if you're "introverted", you need other men in your life.
18. When you're doing something difficult and you want to quit, remind yourself: "It's supposed to be hard. If it was easy, I wouldn't be getting better." Becoming elite is never easy. If it was, that word would lose all meaning. Seek difficulty daily, and conquer it.  

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