The Traditional Family has been one of the main pillars of American Culture since our founding. One man and one woman, coming together in a sacred bond called marriage, and then bringing children into the world, through that union, officially making a family.

Unfortunately our society has been deteriorating in recent decades, and dragging our families with it. We have now replaced Mom & Dad with "parent 1" and "parent 2" in order not to offend certain minority groups. Moreover, we are being pushed by today's mainstream media, politicians and powerful elites, to give extra attention and sensitivity to these groups, while also accepting the new norms that in essence wipe away the concepts of marriage and family.

Patriot Parents will ALWAYS support and advocate for traditional families living under one roof, and raising children with pride. Our children need a mom and a dad in their lives in order to grow and become successful contributors to our society, and yes, future parents as well. 

The Case for LIFE

"Hello World" - A focus on the Family

Thanks to all of the organizations who stood strong on fighting for the sanctity of life. We have a major victory on our side! A shout out to all the states who are not allowing abortions on demand!

The Matter of Life

This award-winning documentary The Matter of Life compels us to understand the pro-life case and form our own individual beliefs based on more than what is said in the media. In the film, we hear from the experts and learn about the history, philosophy, morality, and impact of abortion.

Choosing Death - The Legacy of Roe

For half a century, the abortion industry has propped itself up on legal perversion, political corruption, and medical malpractice. On Friday, May 13th, The Daily Wire takes a wrecking ball to the four core fallacies supporting the deadliest decision in history.