Local Candidates we fully endorse!

We will only endorse America First strong candidates who will replace the RINOs and who are committed to fight the radical left with no fear! They can be running for any office, from school boards to US Congress!

Do you have someone in mind to recommend? Write to us HERE, and we might put him or her up!


Kelly Tshibaka

Running for US Senate

How many of YOU want to see the lifelong RINO Lisa Murkowski kicked out from Washington DC for good? Well it is about time! Kelly is Trump Endorsed, MAGA all the way! A pro-family, pro-business, pro-freedom, outstanding candidate: "When government grows, freedom shrinks. And when freedom grows, government shrinks. I support making the Trump tax cuts permanent and will work to extend business tax exemptions. I will push to build a workforce development pipeline for our state. From high school to trade schools and colleges, I will move to incentivize our younger generations to stay in Alaska and open the state to new industries. By refusing to support President Trump’s re-election, and casting the deciding vote to advance Biden’s anti-energy Interior Secretary nominee, Lisa Murkowski has enabled and promoted Biden’s radical left agenda. I will support all efforts to safely explore and develop oil and gas in ANWR."
We think you will LOVE what her press releases too!
Alaskans: America is calling upon you to replace an old RINO with this new gem!


Anthony Whitman

Running for Crawford County Clerk

A message from Anthony: "I have been a Crawford County resident my whole life. I’m 38 years old. I’ve been married for 13 years and have 4 beautiful children who are growing up in this county. I started working for Crawford County residents 10 years ago. In 2012, I started working in law enforcement with the Sheriff’s Dept., became a Supervisor, and eventually became a certified Patrol Deputy. In 2015, I had the opportunity to go work for Crawford County Circuit Court and I’m still there as a Civil and Domestic Relations Trial Court Coordinator. I have a servant’s heart. This is reflected in the many years I’ve been in public service in this county. I love this county. I grew up here. My kids are growing up here. The County Clerk is the record keeper for the county and these records are vital to our county government. If elected, I’ll bring 10+ years of administrative experience to the County Clerk’s Office. I want to use that experience to ensure the accuracy of these records and to make sure they are well maintained."


Drew Montez Clark

Running for US Congress, FL-20

America First Pro-God Pro-Life Pro-Second Amendment Pro-Parental Rights Pro-Israel Pro-Trump Pro-Veterans Pro-Agriculture Pro-Constitution!

Christine Quinn

Running for US Congress, FL-13

"Jobs are the best weapon against poverty!" Christine wants to get rid of job killing regulations, expand education choice, support our military and veterans, lower healthcare costs and protect freedom!
Christine is a Trump / America First Candidate!

Denise Nystrom

Running for Lee Country School Board, District 6

Denise believes that good education ensures that students graduate and become prepared for the next step in their lives. She is endorsed by Stand For Health Freedom, who is advocating basic human rights, constitutional rights and parental rights. She is exactly what our country needs in school boards!

Christy DeVigili

Running for Lee Country School Board, District 1

Christy is passionate about protecting educational integrity, and promises to defend the rights of every parent, the safety of all students, the fair treatment of our educators, and the voice of her community. She is an America First Conservative who wants to drain the swamp (aka corruption) in the Lee county Schoolboard.  

Kelly Lichter

Running for Collier Country School Board

Kelly Lichter is a wife, mother of two children, former teacher, and the founding board president of Mason Classical Academy, Collier County’s highest performing public school, and ranked #8 of the 3,392 schools in the state of Florida. "Our children deserve to be challenged in the classroom through a content-rich and challenging curriculum and held to the highest standards. Wasting valuable instructional time by putting our children in front of computers all day is a tragedy. Focusing on divisive leftist political issues like social justice, transgender bathrooms, global warming, climate change, Critical Race Theory, and other socialist dogma must end!" - Read her full vision HERE and vote for Kelly to restore education in Collier County! Election day is August 23, 2022.

Kimberly Boobyer

Running for Collier County School Board

I am a mama bear that will fight to uphold the values of this community. I will ensure that all students are protected and parental rights are respected. I have integrity and will operate with financial prudence, respect and diplomacy. I have the courage to question and stand up to the status quo.

Dan Kowal

Running For Collier County Commissioner District 4

Pro-Clean Water Pro-Second Amendment Pro-Limited Government Pro-Life Pro-Border Security Pro-Jobs Pro-Law Enforcement Pro-Military Pro-Every Day American

Tim Moshier

Running for Collier County School Board

Family matters, hard work and dedication, ready to make a change! Tim Moshier wants to make sure our children’s education is top notch, and that the schools of collier county are teaching what matters!


Burt Jones

Running for Lieutenant Governor 

Burt is a sixth generation Jackson native, and a lifelong conservative who has a proven record of creating jobs, growing a successful business, and fighting for Georgia values. Burt played an integral role in the passage of the Election Integrity Act (S.B. 202) and has been recognized nationally as a leader for election integrity, including by President Donald J. Trump.

Rich McCormick

Running for US Congress, GA-6

Dr. Rich McCormick has spent his life running toward the fights that matter. As a Marine pilot, he landed aircraft in scary places and in bad weather. As ER doc, he’s led teams in Afghanistan and locally to save lives under critical conditions. He’s a leader that steps up when there’s a need. The Biden administration has cultivated inflation, regulation, taxation, and shame toward our nation. Rich is committed to undoing the radical left's agenda and  fighting for secure borders, law & order, voter integrity, banning CRT, 2nd Amendment rights, healthcare reform, restoring faith and strong America! Now that's who we want to see in the house chamber!


Catalina Lauf

Running for House of Representatives, IL-14

Catalina Lauf is a former Trump advisor, which is already great news. She was one of the youngest Presidential political appointees to the U.S. Department of Commerce. But the fact that she now wants to replace the Never-Trumper RINO Adam Kinzinger, makes her even more appealing to us! Unlike Adam - Catalina is an America First candidate. Secure Border, Law & Order, Supporting Small Business, Protecting Individual Liberties and Freedoms, Defending Parents and Kids Rights, including the unborn, are the issues on her mind. Illinois: YOU have the power to give the boot to a loser and replace him with a winner! Vote for Catalina on JUNE 28, 2022 and help save your state, as well as our country!


Matt DePerno

Running for State Attorney General

Endorsed by President Trump, Matthew has been fighting against tyranny in Michigan for many years, including protesting across the state against Whitmer and Nessel's unconstitutional mask mandates, school and business lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and critical race theory. Matthew has been attacked many times from elected officials, including current Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, but he has not backed down. Vote for Matt to make Michigan great again!

Kristina Karamo

Running for Michigan's Secretary of State

ENDORSED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP, Kristina is running to make sure that elections are decided by legal votes (not manipulation and corruption). As Secretary of State, Kristina will work to restore the rule of law and earn back the trust of Michigan citizens in our government. Kristina is an educator, mother of two, and proud Christian patriot from Oak Park, Michigan.

John Gibbs

Running for US Congress MI-3

John was nominated by President Trump to be the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, as well as serve on the 1776 Commission, where he fought Critical Race Theory and similar extremist ideologies by helping communities focus educational curricula on the founding documents and principles rather than divisive identity politics. John is running against RINO Congressman Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach Trump over the fake insurrection of Jan 6. That should tell you everything you needs to know! Vote for John Gibbs to weed out the RINO and restore America!


Tyler Kistner

Running for US congress, MN-2

As soon as we looked up Tyler, the first thing that came up in a search was a hit piece, criticizing him on how he "refused to call the 2020 election legitimate." Well? was it??? NOPE! And that's EXACTLY the kind of people we are looking for! The fake news media, being a part of the biggest election fraud in history, is in complete denial of the truth. But Tyler and 74+million of us are not. Tyler Kistner is a native Minnesotan who served 10 years on active duty, mostly in the elite Marine Special Operations Forces unit known as the Marine Raiders. He is running for congress to save our children's future, and our country as a whole, from the radical communist left. We LOVE what we see! Click here to see Tyler's message!


Matt Mowers

Running for US congress, NH-1

Matt worked as a Senior Advisor in our State Dept. under President Trump. And now he's running for congress to WIN another Democrat pawn's seat, currently held by Chris Pappas. To us, this is great and exciting news! To the fake news meida? Not so much, as they try to smear him with false reports. Matt is all about the MAGA agenda: Election Integrity, Border Security, Low Taxes, Term Limits, Constitution, 2nd Amendment, Backing the blue, and ending the drug pandemic, which has destroyed many families in New Hampshire. Matt wants to put New Hampshire first, and he has our full endorsement!


Tina Forte

Running for US congress, NY-14

How does throwing AOC back behind the bar counter sound to you? Tina is up for the job! NY-14: Are you really happy with the outcome of having the most radical green new deal, anti-American, anti-police, business destroyer, instagram "diva" represent you? Have you look around you lately and see the crime, the dirt, the living conditions you are under? Now you have a great opportunity to make a change! Vote for Tina to STOP Radical Socialists from Destroying the American Dream. Read Tina's platform and issues and decide for yourself! We are endorsing her all the way to Washington, DC!


JD Vance

Running for US Senate

JD is the latest Trump candidate from the great state of Ohio. He was humble enough to admit that he wasn't on the Trump train when he ran in 2016, but has realized through our president's ACTIONS, that Donald J. Trump is the best president we've ever had in our lifetime! JD has turned into an America First warrior all the way! "America's decline was a choice!", he says, and rightfully so! Finish the wall, protect small businesses, dismantle big-tech oligarchy, combat drug epidemic, election integrity, and restoring America's manufacturing base are all in his agenda! Click HERE to see all the issues JD cares about; Click HERE to see JD's speech at the Trump Rally in Delaware, OH (4/23/2022)

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert

Running for US congress, OH-13

Madison is a breath of fresh air, even for a red state like Ohio. She is an amazing, Trump endorsed, MAGA/America First candidate that is on the right side of every issue that our country is facing. She wants to go to Washington DC, because like all of us - She's fed up with them! See her stances on the issues here.


Teddy Daniels

Running for Lieutenant Governor 

PRO-TRUMP AMERICA FIRST COMBAT VETERAN WHO WON’T BACK DOWN! Decorated combat veteran. Retired police officer. Business entrepreneur. Teddy Daniels has spent his career serving community and country, and now he’s running to be your voice in the halls of Harrisburg.


Stephanie Elad

Running for the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees, Place 3

Restore Frisco’s Reputation As A Leader In Academic Excellence, Support and Retain Our Most Valuable Resource, Our Teachers, Ensure That ALL Students Are Able to Reach Their Full Potential, Reject CRT Inspired Assignments And Curriculum, Listen To Parents, Teachers, Community Members And Stakeholders, Re-Establish Trust, Accountability and Transparency.


Russell Fry

Running for US Congress, SC-7

TRUMP ENDORSED, Russell is a courageous, consistent conservative who gets things done. As State Representative for District 106 and a champion of the America First agenda, Russell is a leading voice on election integrity, growing the economy, ending human trafficking, and battling the opioid epidemic. And like you & us, Russell believes that the 2020 election was fraudulent! He is running to unseat RINO incumbent Tom Rice, who betrayed South Carolinians, and sided with Nancy Pelosi to impeach President Trump! Did you all hear that? This is what the upcoming elections are all about! Uprooting the fake cowards, and installing the true America First representatives! Vote for Russell Fry to win back America!!!

Do you have someone in mind to recommend? Write to us HERE, and we might put him or her up!