The Demons Among Us

Dear Patriotic Americans,

When we were kids and then later had children of our own, we leaned into Halloween not as a holiday of Ghouls and Goblins, but that of Pumpkins and Cornstalks. We welcomed the changing of colors and harvest of the spring plantings with joy and expectation. It was the beginning of the holidays that we all looked forward to each year. While our celebrations were good and pure, unfortunately, there were those in our society that focused on the Gore and Gruesomeness rather than the Good and Godly parts of the season. That was because what was once taboo was much more exciting to celebrate rather than the “boring” status quo. Satan tempts us in all ways, and this is certainly one. This is also the metaphor for the divide in our country today… While there are a majority of Americans who choose to see our country in a wholesome light being the strongest and most grand nation in the world that stands for Peace and Goodness, there will always be those who want to bring in the seedy trashy side to take over. This is what we are seeing around us...Real life demons. Look around and you will see! What is happening right now isn't just political, or Right vs the is Good vs Evil! The factions of darkness choose to cause Chaos and Division in order to bring about their New World Order in which they are the Gods and we the Servants. These Globalist Elites are no longer satisfied with their Wealth and Power, but wish to Destroy all of our cultural norms, Dehumanize us with false gender roles, Digitize us by making us like robots with ID numbers, and finally, Depopulate us by means of the already proven to be dangerous COVID jabs! We have BLM and Antifa in our streets looting our stores, and if you've paid attention, these are not White Supremacists with White Privilege, but Black kids who have been told that they are Victims and targets of Racism! Meanwhile, elderly Grandma's are locked up for going to the J6 Rally to voice their concern over the stolen election, or daring to sign statements regarding the obvious rigging that went on. Nope, these kids are allowed to roam free, to pillage and loot their next targeted store. And this is NOT because a police officer was released after being investigated for a shooting. Make no mistake, there are videos of white vans out in the parking lot of said stores where the planning takes place! These kids are being paid! If the Left sees them as allies, one has to wonder what their plans are for the illegals they are letting come over our borders. Think it’s impossible? Think again. Another way to cause chaos among us is with the now 7 million reported illegals that have crossed over our borders. If this invasion isn't cause enough and grounds for impeachment, then nothing is! To heck with prosecuting for the underhanded dealings and the millions of dollars that the Bidens have earned through nefarious ways, what about TREASON? Our homeless veterans are being displaced to give these illegals roofs over their heads, and our tax dollars are funding all of this! Best part? Recently it was confirmed to us that our suspicions were true…That large corporations like Walmart and Sam's Club are employing them. Talk about a slap in the face of all hard-working Americans who are out of work! With our double standards of justice, the DOJ and FBI work hard to cover up the Biden crimes, while they waste no time pursuing Donald Trump in an effort to ruin him so he cannot become our 47th president. Talk about corrupt AG's and Judges! And our country is filled with them, and it’s time we clean them all out! Look at the Ukraine money laundering machine! Well-oiled and running smoothly, while our own citizens have a hard time making their rents, mortgages and food bills. We just found out that not only this war against Russia through Ukraine is being funded by us, but OUR tax dollars are also going to fund their small businesses and pensions as well. What a kick in our teeth! We have to wonder how all of the mom and pop businesses that were shut down for good because of COVID feel about that. And if you speak out about anything to do with stolen elections, child trafficking, or Biden's money laundering, the DOJ will come after YOU! Just look at Mike Lindell and Russell Brand. Financial institutions like American Express work alongside our corrupt government to cancel anyone who dares tell the truth, and the justice system will find ways to charge you with crimes of all types as well. And you don't think we are living in a police state? Wake up! There ARE Demons all around us and now they are showing us who they are! Right at our northern border, the once great country of Canada is proof of things to come...on the highest holiday of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur, Justin Trudeau decided to honor Nazi-linked veteran Yaroslav Hunka with a standing ovation during Zelenskyy's visit there. Talk about bad judgment! That's right up there with Trudeau's decision to financially shut down the trucker's via their bank accounts during their protest awhile back. If you question whether Communism is close-by, we would say that it's already in Canada and showing its wicked face here in America right now! For example, look at the well renowned psychologist, author and commentator Jordan Peterson, who is being made to take part in a re-education program. We would say that’s right out of the Stalin playbook! Have you heard that there are hundreds of children missing in Ohio? Have you seen the blatant grooming of our children in all of the places that were once safe zones for them? Recently it came out that Knotts Berry Farms held a provocative show recently that was not appropriate for children of certain ages. Think this was by accident? We don't! This is just another example showing that we are under attack. Not physically, but spiritually! The Demons around us are working hard to ruin any good that we still have in America. They have already been successful with a couple of generations that they've indoctrinated to believe that this is all acceptable, and now they are working hard to seal the deal with YOUR KIDS! Let's band together and make sure that these Demonic types understand that We the People are not going to stand by and let this go unnoticed! Let's turn this around so that the next generation understands how important it is to have a Good and Godly America, because if our nation is demolished, there will be no other free country to run to. God Bless you all, and God Bless America.

Days of Doom?

God wants our country back on the right track so we can continue to be the beacon of light for the rest of the world. We believe that is why He is revealing to us this evil that's invading us right now…so we will long for the good that comes only from knowing Him!

Who would have believed even 10 years ago that THIS would be the new norm? This is Joe Biden's America and the direct result of Democrat controlled policies, all by design.

...And the Cauldron Boils

America is like the frog in the pot who is put in while the water is lukewarm, and then the flame is turned on. The process is so slow, that when the frog finally figures out that it's cooking, it's too late!

WATCH: The Great Reset Agenda Is Being Coordinated By ARIZONA Shadow Gov't Deep State Operative, ASU Pres. & CIA In-Q-Tel Chair, MICHAEL CROW! The State Destroying America ALSO Has The ONLY Solution To TAKE HER BACK!
(Click the image to play the 1-hour video)

Ghosting Grandparents

There's a phenomena going on in our country right now that is affecting too many of our seniors. It is that of children who have rebelled against their parents, and are now raising their own kids, whom they carefully keep from their loving grandparents...

Patriot Parents would like to introduce to you a great show that our friend Booker Scott has created. He has great guests and interesting topics that are relevant in today’s world. He’s a Godly Patriot who cares about America! Tune in and enjoy!



Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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