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America is crumbling... "But don't worry! We still hate Trump!"


This sarcastic headline is everything you need to know and internalize, to understand what self-hate can do, even to the most powerful nation on Earth. Let us first clarify that it is our view that the radical left, which is the face of today's Democrat Party, along with the media, big tech, and the deep state of Washington, DC, are behind the biggest persecution operation against a duly elected president, who led America in a very positive direction. President Donald J. Trump. What is truly frustrating, is our own people's judgement. Chances are they see this now, but for those Biden voters, who are still in denial and hating Trump, we have a few questions for you:

Are you happy to see over one million illegal migrants crossing our border since Biden was sworn in, violating our sovereignty, (many of them who tested positive for Covid,) being flown, bused and dispersed all over the country, into a neighborhood near YOU? Draining our resources and our tax dollars that are supposed to be for OUR people? How does it make you feel seeing the Biden Administration treating them so much better than the homeless in our streets? Are you happy about the fact that they are spreading Covid across our country, yet getting a complete exemption from quarantine, mask and vaccine mandates, while you are still forced to obey all kinds of restrictions? Are you good all of a sudden seeing ten times as many "kids in cages?" Are those cages that spurred protests during the Trump presidency magically becoming a good thing under Biden? Does it make you feel better knowing that death from drug overdose amongst our youth is skyrocketing, all thanks to the open borders policy the drug cartels exploit?

What about Energy? Are you satisfied that we are no longer energy independent? That we are back at the mercies of OPEC? That the Keystone pipeline project we had with Canada was shut down with a pen stroke on day one of the Biden presidency, resulting in the immediate loss of over 40K jobs? All while the Russian pipeline (the ones who "colluded with Trump," another huge lie!) was okay-ed by the president you elected? Are you pleased to see gas prices shoot up over 50% inside the United States, making all goods and services more expensive?

How about foreign policy? Under Trump, the Palestinians were pushed aside where they belong, quite frankly, but what happened thereafter? Peace deals between Israel and Arab states were signed, one after the other! Peace in Kosovo! President Trump was nominated for FOUR Nobel Peace prizes! But of course the globalists didn't want to give him credit because he was ruining their plans! Trump overhauled our military like no other president before him. With a strong America, the world was a safer place. When Biden took office, he boasted saying "America is back..." It's back alright, to weakness! And as we speak, the situation in Afghanistan, with the Taliban taking over the country in less that 72 hours, is perhaps the most humiliating event the United States has had to suffer. After 20 years of fighting the Taliban (who sheltered Osama Bin Laden,) America LOST. Are you feeling safer today being an American than a year ago? There's a good chance Al Qaida and ISIS will resurrect, and the beheadings will resume! What about China? What do you think goes on inside Xijinping's head, with his desire to take over Taiwan, and telling them "America is not going to be there to protect you?" He knows full well that with a weak president and a weakened America, he can make his moves! Dittos for the Islamic Republic of Iran! Marching forward with their plans to have a nuclear weapon! Threatening Israel as well as the United States with their Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Oh and those Palestinians? We have already seen Hamas back in business, launching thousands of rockets on Israel, encouraging Arabs in Israel to join the fight. The holy city of Jerusalem was burning from deliberate arson by Arabs! This has never happened before! How is this kind of foreign policy working out for you?

Lastly, while all these terrible things are happening, what are we busy with here in America? Critical Race Theory? Transgenderism in the Military and biological boys competing in girl's sports? The 1619 project? Hating and dissing America? Forcing little children to wear masks or else? Defunding the police who are keeping us safe every day? Catering to the anti-America athletes who protest at the Olympics, or ANTIFA and BLM mobs who wreak havoc on our cities? Or lastly, appeasing all of the β€œwoke” companies who have turned against the very country that has given them their successes? This is all very shameful and counterproductive! Is THIS what we want for our children?

Tell us, Mr. Biden voter... Do you realize that no nation on Earth can survive with this kind of mentality? Are you really better off seeing your country going downhill this fast, in exchange for "feeling good" that Trump is not the President? If you answered NO - this piece was FOR YOU. If you answered YES - this piece was ABOUT YOU.

We rest our case.

Vaxxed AND Masked?!


It's been 18 months since Covid-19 hit our world, courtesy of CHINA, turning our entire lives upside down. Here in the United States, the big difference is that in 2020, we had a Strong President, and fearless leader, who was determined to rid us of this virus, and get us back to normal life as fast as possible. He refused to let our country's roaring economy, prosperity and moral, succumb to it! It is because of HIS leadership, that we have vaccines and therapeutics to combat this virus. At the end of the day though, it is up to US to make our own health decisions and decide what is best. Now, in 2021, we have a non-president with a sinister administration, who are CAPITALIZING on this virus to push their radical leftist agenda on us! The virus was first used to scare the public in order to STEAL THE ELECTION from President Trump. This was done via mail-in ballot and other nefarious actions. Then, they continued to find ways to keep us locked down, and gave incentives for people to get paid to stay home and not work. They are pushing masks and vaccine mandates wherever they can. Remember the 2.5 second ad that our non-president did while sitting at his desk? β€œIt's Vaxxed OR Masked,” he told us. Now it is β€œVaxxed AND Masked!” Basically, it doesn't matter if you took the vaccine or not, nor if you had Covid and recovered. It doesn't matter if your body produced antibodies naturally. The government is now pushing to REINSTATE the mask mandates. Just when you thought we were free and clear. But why is this? Is it because of the Delta variant? Are they concerned for our well-being? Hard to believe that they are, when they have been busing and flying almost a million illegal immigrants all over our country on our tax dollars! Many of these are confirmed Covid carriers which is also concerning. Meanwhile, they want to require that our youth get vaccinated in order to attend schools in person! This is despite the fact that science shows NO JUSTIFICATION for young people to take the vaccine! When Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if White House employees were required to get the vaccine, her answer was β€œNO.” When asked how many white house employees tested positive for covid, she refused to answer, yet, Joe Biden wishes to go door to door to make sure that WE are! Convinced yet? That's right! Our government has become a tyrant! This is NOT about our health and well-being. This is about conditioning us all to OBEY them and be dependent on them forever! Most likely, their plans for us do not end there. We believe that this is all being run by the evil globalist New World Order, the β€œBig Reset” forces who seek to cancel America as we know it. The only way to stop them, is if We the People STOP being SHEEP, and START being EAGLES!

Hello Democrats, Cuba Calling!


It is July of 2021, and once again, we are living history, witnessing the disastrous consequences of communism. Yes, we are talking about Cuba. For years and decades, the Cuban people have been suffering under the dictatorship of the Castro brothers, you know… the ones Bernie Sanders admires, deprived of their God given freedoms, will, and well being. Right now as we write this, people in Cuba have no electricity, no food, no work, the system is collapsing, and they are out marching in the streets, risking their lives, because at this point, they’ve got nothing to lose! The America of today, however, is totally upside down on its head in its response to this dire situation. The beacon of freedom, the shining city on the hill, the free world’s leader and superpower, the country who always stood against evil regimes, the country where people fled for their lives into, away from the persecutions of communism… is all but crickets, literally condoning the communism that is staring us right in the face! But that’s not really the American people who are silent about this. It’s the Biden Administration, hand in hand with the radical, far left, Democrat party.

The Democrat party of today has our borders wide open as a matter of POLICY. It has sent a clear signal to people of third world Central and South American countries (like Honduras and Guatemala) that the time to cut through our border is NOW. The border crisis is getting worse by the day because of that and the drug smuggling and human/child trafficking business is flourishing. Democrats can’t rush in enough migrants who illegally cross our border with Mexico, and scatter them by buses and even military planes, all across the nation, particularly placing them in red states! But when it comes to the Cuban people, not only hasn’t the Biden administration, nor any Democrat in congress, come out with one word of solidarity and support, but they have also sent DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the cameras, to warn Cubans who dare to flee Cuba and come to America’s shores by sea. β€œAllow me to be clear: If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States, to those who risk their life, the risk is not worth taking.” Now here is a staggering fun fact: Secretary Mayorkas is a Cuban born himself!!! Did you all hear that? Look it up! So let’s recap so far: Democrats who rule our country now, are flooding the country with illegal migrants, giving them better care and attention than America citizens themselves, but treating Cubans who are marching with American flags in their streets, VERY DIFFERENTLY. WHY IS THAT? Here are some answers...

1) This event alone has removed any doubt that Democrats are NOT operating based on principles or what they claim to stand for, but only based on where they can grow their power. Not all Cubans necessarily want to immigrate to the United States, but guess what? Those who do and did, overwhelmingly vote Republican, and for a very good reason. They don’t want to go anywhere near socialism or communism ever again, which is where Democrats are today. Does it begin to make sense why we are seeing this blatant double standard?

2) The Democrat party of the 80s and 90s would spare no words in condemning the evil Cuban communist regime. This party has gone so far to the left that it can't even say one word about it, because it is exactly what THEY stand for today. They are seeing their own ideas failing miserably in broad daylight and that’s why they are all too quiet about it!

3) Did you all notice that there are no human trafficking and no Mexican drug cartels involved when it comes to Cuban immigration into America, past and present? Can you connect some dots? What are the chances that Democrats all the way up to Biden himself, are being bribed by those cartels, so that they can continue doing their business? Chances are very very high because it makes too much sense!

4) It is absolutely stunning to watch how Democrats detest anyone who is holding our flag. This is true for Cubans today as it was for the people of Hong Kong who waved our flag by the thousands, when they protested the communist regime of China. They were very quiet about them as well. At the same time, if you hate our country, if you kneel during our national anthem, if you show resentment towards our flag – you’ll be glorified by them and the media.

5) One would think that if we decide to take immigrants into our country, we would want people who love us, our flag and what we stand for. Has anyone seen one illegal migrant from South America waving the American flag? Nope. All they want is welfare on our dime. Meanwhile, the Cuban people are waving our flag in hopes for our support, at the very least! But like we said, radio silence from the White House.

We at Patriot Parents, are standing in full solidarity with the Cuban people and wish them success in changing the evil regime of their country! Also, if we really want to consider welcoming more immigrants into our country, how about favoring those love America over those who couldn't care less about America?

Food for thought!