What is ESG?

ESG means using Environmental, Social and Governance factors to evaluate companies and countries on how far advanced they are with "sustainability."

The environmental aspect in a nutshell is the failed Green New Deal agenda. Companies will be measured on their carbon footprint, with a massive increase in regulations and red tape. Such measures will cause many small businesses, who cannot afford the overhead, to close.

The Social part stands for those "human right" terms, like "equality" and "inclusion." Alas, don't fall into the trap, because that's all it is. What's really behind this is not necessarily women's equality in the workplace, which we totally support, by the way. it is going to be about cramming the LGBTQI+ agenda into the workplace, bathrooms, locker rooms, schools, and women's sports. Its ultimate goal is to erase the nuclear family from society altogether.

Finally, the "Governance" part is the scariest of all. Ostensibly, this piece talks about how companies and corporations are governed by ethics, fairness, and sustainability, but it is virtually unlimited in its scope. New regulations can pop up overnight and destroy entire businesses. The motive can even be political in nature, and companies will just have to comply, conform, align, or else.

ESG is everything that freedom is NOT.